Deconstruction of Construction
Creative Collaboration with Zornna
Organized by the Fida Association, the Zornna project included illustrating one of the brand's iconic bags and creating a moving image, either documenting the process or animating the object. As a young and vibrant brand, the Zornna team encouraged us to be playful, creative, and most importantly, to enjoy the process.
As an artist who loves experimenting with colour palettes, the kaleidoscopic Fan bag instantly captured my attention. During my studies in fashion design, I always found pattern-making magical—how flat, paper-cut geometric shapes can transform into three-dimensional objects. For this project, I decided to deconstruct the pattern and present it as a playful stop-motion animation.
Experimenting with acrylic mediums has been a part of my creative process. For this bag, I played with the consistency of the paint to create textures similar to leather. The final stop-motion animation showcased the intricate process of pattern-making in a fun and engaging way.
I was thrilled to receive positive feedback from the brand, who shared my work on their social media platforms. The entire experience was incredibly rewarding, and it was a joy to see my creative vision appreciated by others.

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