Surface pattern design collection inspired by the spectacular sea life at the iconic Atlantis The Palm
DIVE INTO Exuberance
Introducing the collection, where the gorgeous depths of the ocean inspire a vibrant fusion of fashion and fantasy.

The inspiration for the collection came to Lana Morbini while visiting the Lost Chamber Aquarium in Dubai. Surrounded by the fascinating beauty of marine life, she found herself spellbound by the intricate patterns, the graceful sway of coral formations, and the captivating presence of stingrays gliding effortlessly through the water.
In this collection, she aimed to capture the essence of this underwater paradise, infusing each design with the luminous allure of neon colours. Embracing the dominant trend towards vibrancy and maximalism, fueled by the lively atmosphere of Palm Island, Lana curated a surface pattern collection designed to celebrate the beauty of life itself. From eye-catching billboards to luxurious gifts for the most loyal guests, the application of these illustrations can create a truly unforgettable experience for your guests.
Exclusive gifts for your most loyal clients
Custom-made textile souvenirs combine the beauty of the surroundings with the hotel's most distinctive features. Memories your clients can not only take with them but cherish the experience for years to come.

  • collectable silk scarves
  • sleeping masks
  • textile teddy bears
Teddy Bears
Transforming fabrics into cherished memories since 2017.

Every teddy bear is unique and handmade using custom-made patterns reflecting your brand's identity.
A perfect way to gift smiles to the most loyal clients and partners.

Visual Marketing Campaigns
Illustration as a part of Hotel's visual communication
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